William Ley (Jennings)
Born 29th November 1882 (1884?) at 61 Great Cambridge St, Haggerston, Shoreditch.
Addresses & Occupations-

Prior to marriage- 84 Carlton Rd, Ellacombe, Torquay.

Orchestral musician (cellist)

Marriage certificate.

Wiiliam used the surname Jennings as a stage name whilst a musician.
He married using the surname Jennings.
On his war medals the name inscribed is Jennings.
His son was given Ley as a christian name but surname Jennings.
His death was registered by his son as William Ley.

Buried at 3 Counties Crematorium, Northampton.

Died- 1st Feb 1966 aged 83 at Northampton.


Parents- Edwin Joseph (master bootmaker) & Julia (nee Boynes) Ley

Spouse- Lilian Zaple on 25th Feb 1912 at Newton Abbot Registery Office.
Hubert Ley 1922
Laura 1915
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