The names in this database are listed in Christian name order. Where a date of birth is not known it has been approximated by referring to parents or spouses birth date.

Aaron Zaple1991
Ada Gertrude Zaple1890
Agatha Zaple1882
Alan L Zaple1933
Alan Keenliside1930~
Albert Edward Zaple1891
Alfred Cubitt Hillier1889
Alison Claire Zaple1964
Andrew P Zaple1959
Andrew James Zaple1960
Andrew David Zaple1968
Ann Zaple1878
Anne Jones1849
Anthony Zaple1960~
Anthony Zaple1965
Arlene Dale?
Arthur Zaple1881
Arthur Henry Zaple1927
Arthur Stephen Zaple1917
Augusta Zaple1882
Avril Zaple1937
Barry Peter Zaple1967
Barbara Elizabeth Zaple1929
Beatrice Mary Croker1900~
Beatrice May Zaple1920
Bertram Alexis Zaple1888
Bertram Harry Zaple~1890
Bess Mayo1903
Betty T Zaple1929
Blanche Zaple1876
Blanche Mabel Zaple1894
Carly Louise Zaple1993
Carol Zaple?
Carol Anne Zaple1964
Caroline A Zaple1962
Caroline Elizabeth1962
Charles Ernest Zaple1902
Charles Tyrrell1930~
Charlotte Wood1843
Charlotte Zaple1874
Charlotte Zaple1883
Christopher Jennings1950~
Claire Zaple~1964
Clifford Charles Zaple1935
Clive Ashford?
Cole Zaple1994
Colin Ashford1930~
David Sheasby?
Dennis John Zaple1940
Doris Annie Gill1911
Dorothy (Dolly) Maud Zaple1904
Dorothy Mary Zaple1916
Edith Mary Zaple1878
Edna Davies1940~
Elaine Zaple1956
Eli Ivanchenko1930~
Eliza Zaple1838~
Elizabeth ?1853
Elizabeth Dingle1800~
Elizabeth Jane Harris1871
Elizabeth Zaple1872
Elizabeth Maynard1903
Elizabeth Valerie Clarke1940~
Elizabeth Zaple1830~
Ellen Gard1881
Ellen Zaple1877
Ellen Zaple1878
Ellen Hilda Pack1901
Elsie May Martin1901
Emily Alice Parnell1885
Emily Susan Pack1895
Emily Louisa Zaple1877
Emily Zaple1885
Emma Zaple1832
Emma Zaple1872
Ernest David Zaple1939
Ernest Edwin Zaple1890
Ernest Edward Zaple1892
Ernest James Zaple1906
Ernest William Zaple1932
Ernest William Zaple1878
Eunice Irene Susan Hillier1925
Florence Jane Zaple1873
Florence Beatrice Zaple1896
Florence Zaple1898
Florence Pack1899
Frances Zaple1883
Frances Emily Zaple1907
Frank Zaple1851
Frank Zaple1867
Frank Zaple1872
Frank Zaple1876
Frank James Zaple1901
Frederick Henry Zaple1869~
Frederick William Zaple1871
Frederick William Zaple1904
Frederick Zaple1847
George Brant Pack1868
George Samuel Zaple1934
George Osborne Zaple1885
George W Zaple~1890
Gervase Lyndon Mills1923
Graeme Zaple1995
Harry Zaple1870
Harry Zaple1882
Harry Zaple~1890
Harry Samuel Zaple1905
Hayley Anne Elizabeth Brown?
Henry Beazley1930~
Henry / Hendrik Zaple1740~
Henry Zaple1819
Henry Tapley Zaple1821
Henry Zaple1824
Henry John Zaple1845
Henry John (Harry) Zaple1880
Henry Zaple1879
Hubert Ley Jennings1922
Hugh Wilfred Zaple1896
Ida Pack1896
Jack Zaple1992
James Zaple1833
James Zaple1956
James S Zaple1958
James Reed?
Jane Ashford1990
Jane Grant1846~
Jane Rousseau1803
Jane Zaple1825
Jane Zaple1879
Jean Ann Zaple1940~
Jean Doreen Sherman 1942
Jessie Zaple1870
Jenny Huxham?
Joan Cabassi1930~
Joan Irene Bateman1940~
Joan Wild?
John Zaple1793
John Zaple1830
Jonathan Andrew Zaple1989
Joy Beverley Zaple1965
Joyce Isobel Wilson1935
Judith Ivanchenko1954
Julia Zaple1992
Julie Zaple1960
Karen Joy Zaple1964
Karl Grant Zaple1968
Katrina Dawn Zaple1966
Kenneth Frederick Zaple1930
Ken Carter1953
Kimberly Ann Reed1984
Kitty Peacock1925~
Laura Jennings1915
Lawrence (Larry) Zaple1954
Lawrence Frank Zaple1877
Lilian Zaple1885
Lilian Irene Pack1900
Lisa Marie Reed1979
Lorraine Ann Stanbury1952
Lorraine Johnson1959
Louise Edith Zaple1883
Lucy Susannah1883
Mabel Zaple1894
Malcolm Grant Zaple1962
Marion Lydia Wilkinson1930
Martin John Zaple1986
Martin Kevin Ashford1989
Martin Sheasby1960
Margaret Brand Cowie1941
Margaret Doreen (Peggy) Zaple1924
Marjorie Caroline Zaple1848
Mary Elizabeth Bell1848
Mary Elizabeth Hitt (Hicks?)1844
Mary Ann Matilda Rooke1888
Mary Ann Zaple1823
Maud Zaple1895
Michael Ivanchenko1956
Michael John Zaple1942
Michael John Zaple1962
Nicola Lesley Zaple1966
Pamela M Zaple1934
Patricia Marion Zaple1959
Patricia Zaple1929
Paul Zaple1959
Percival Lawrence?
Percy Reginald Zaple1896
Percy Reginald Zaple1903
Phillipa Olive1743
Phillipa Ann Zaple1829
Phyllis Esme Burt1917
Reginald Gordon1910~
Richard Cadwaller1930~
Richard Hugh Zaple1953
Richard John Cadwaller1968
Robert Lawrence?
Robert William Zaple1957
Rodney M Zaple1933
Roger Whit1940~
Ronald James Zaple1933
Ronald James Stanbury1926
Sarah Ann Zaple1841
Sarah Jane Easterbrook1853
Sarah Zaple1827
Sarah Zaple1870
Sheila Margaret Zaple1938
Shelley Zaple1960
Shirley Elizabeth Horsewell1944
Shirley Jackson1960
Susan Mortimer1821
Susan Zaple1871
Susan Zaple1960~
Sidney Zaple1885
Sylvia Alberta Chard1925~
Tina Loise Cadwaller1970
Vera Irene Zaple1903
Victor Hollinrake1955~
Victoria Zaple1958
Violet Ethel Pearce1911
Violet M E Zaple1924
Wendy Zaple1942
William Henry Zaple1792
Wilfred Hugh Zaple1927
William Henry Zaple1843
William Henry Zaple1876
William Henry Zaple1897
William Henry Zaple1909
William Ley (Jennings)1882
William John Zaple1885
William Thomas Zaple1843
William Zaple1853
William George Zaple1889
Winifred Brooks?
Winifred Pauling?
Zachary David Zaple2014
Zofia Izabella Margaret Zaple2016