Ernest Edwin Zaple
Born 2nd Sept 1890
Addresses & Occupations-

1895- Sailor (Royal Navy), boy seaman, HMS Impregnable.
Served on HMS Essex, Vivid, Mars, Collingwood, Indus, Berwick, Defiance, 1914-18-Orion, Centaur & Rinaldo. Also torpedoman.
Retired Leading Seaman in 1926 due to hearing loss suffered at Battle of Jutland.

24 Second Avenue, Daison Heights, Torquay.

Torquay Council Highways Dept- Lamplighter & gardener (Marine Drive).

Died- Nov 1957 aged 67


Parents- Frank & Sarah Jane Zaple

Spouse- Beatrice Mary Croker married on 6th Aug 1928.
Ernest David 1939
Michael John 1942
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